Monthly Archives: June 2011

The surface is only a cover


I believe that inside we are all made of caramel but over time we often create a protective layer that hides our sweet centre. Cynicism, scepticism, negativity, stress, anxiety, obsession, compulsion, attachment; are layers of masks that remove us from our true nature and enable us to confront the adversity of daily living.  This becomes our new instinct. The human animal does not have to eat its prey to protect itself rather it will train itself to defeat its adversaries with malicious words and details. Deep down, beneath the crust and the burns, the poor creature has a tormented heart that keeps it alive but who´s repetitive loving mantra is no longer heard. The heart becomes an engine desired only to keep the beast running. Pampered when broken for fear of an untimely fate. An essential bond has been broken. In utero we thrive off the love and care of the body that is nourishing us; developing pure and unscathed human beings: sympathetic,emotional beings capable of building walls. Bring our borders down and vulnerability leaves us naked and shivering in the wind confronted by our true nature. Who does not want to be embraced by the warmth and love of another human being? When we leave the confines of our own imprisonment reality will be the greater punishment but there will always be many sympathetic beings whose, like animals, greatest desire is to care for their wounded.