on love


a man who is truly in love does not leave a 24 hour period of time, after he has argued with the person he loves and then walked away from them not turning back, before he communicates again and only communicates because said person he loves has contacted him. a man in love will do ANYTHING to assure the target of his desire. he will do whatever it takes to demonstrate to her that he is in love.  he will do everything to ensure his future with her because he no longer cares about it with any other. he becomes a hunter. animal instincts kick in and his focus is tunnel vision. a man truly in love will not defend himself hopelessly he is more concerned with consecrating his relationship with the women. he says sorry instead because he knows that is what she needs to hear. a man in love is selfless because love is selfless. a man in love has no excuses because love has no excuses. a man in love is pure because love is pure. a man in love is egoless because love is simply an outward reflection of how he treats himself.

a friend once said to me “if he loves you he will come at you in full force.”

but in the real world this is only fantasy. in the real world things get blown out of proportion. simple is too easy.


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