grateful for:

security and fear.

before and after.

you and me.

together and alone.


nothing and everything.

silence and music.

your voice and someone else´s.

love and heartache.

perfection and destruction.

fine lines and wide berths.

permission and liberty.

stillness and the dance.

today i am celebrating life with a little more intentional effort than i do on a regular basis. today has randomly been chosen as a celebration of the undeniable brilliance of the light and darkness that forms a colourful, luscious, enticing garden of life. the only life i have.

so, over lunch i asked nacho, in celebration of life, to give me one reason (barring anything to do with us) why he thinks life should be celebrated. his response:

¨because it is the only thing i know right now.¨

precisely logical and deeply profound at the same time. i love you so much because you destroy me in the most desirable way possible everyday.


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