be strong from the base


“How we treat ourselves in truth is how we treat those around us.”~ Deborah Adele

As I create a more powerful me. I will embrace all the things that make me courageous and help me to stand in my power.

Observing these five things truthfully will make me more skillful and powerful in my life. If you feel this share it and do the same:

1. Gratitude: thanking my life experience for showing me what I need and what I don’t want.
2. Compassion: is knowing that I can’t help everyone. Trying to do what I think is best for people steals their power
3. Balance: I cannot do everything and I must take care of myself first.
4. Truthfulness: live and stand with integrity. I need to really own my shit.
5. Do not steal or take advantage of others: Think about your actions

“travel light, spread light, be the light”


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