in the silence i am inspired by your distance


i changed my mind. a few days have passed without hearing from you (what a surprise). i’m over it. came to my senses. now i don’t feel like seeing you. i am sorry it ended the way it did. enjoy your mediocre life. you need to take your tiara off and step down from your imaginary throne dude. you are 42 years old and feeling sorry for yourself. you have two kids. YOU NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE. you tweet for kicks. you have one friend. maybe. you are not exactly aging like George Clooney yet you expect seductive beautiful women to just fall into your lap and lick your proverbial ego. then one day you find yourself under the best lap dance you will ever experience and you waste it because you are hooked on cortisol like your fucking monkey ancestors. you know you are all of the above and worse but doing anything about it involves too much. you would just rather live on a pathetic eternal spin cycle that never quite gets your clothes smelling fresh. yet you want it so bad.

i hope cristina turns out to be a transvestite.


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