nothing to lose


because we’re all going to die anyway,  and if it happens tomorrow? did you act on your feelings or just think it through, and pine over doing it before the opportunity was taken. don’t do it when you are ready then it is too late. always do it when you feel it. throw caution to the wind. if it is pride, swallow. being yourself is what you want to put out to the world at the end of the day. pride is for lions in the wild. if it is fear stopping you consider your life and thoughts as a pattern that keeps spinning on the same frequency ALWAYS. now imagine that frequency changing and something new happening for once. life is what happens outside your comfort zone. if it is vulnerability you want to protect yourself from, well you can live behind iron walls or you can open up and feel and live freely. would you like to do time behind bars? then why create your own imprisonment if you have the choice to be free? some don’t. is it your wild imagination foretelling the outcome. you cannot predict the future. it has not happened yet. your wild imagination and the future have nothing in common. meanwhile your heart becomes pained by your ignorance.

there is never anything to lose. like the hours, minutes and seconds of the day everything dissolves eventually into oblivion and you remain. a lighter being or with a heavier load. choice is always yours.


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