this is the first day of a cosmic primavera and i spent the night in bliss with you


holy shit how my world spins.

i am totally unconscientious of if it is real or simply a dream. everything is a passing moment on our path to death. almost an illusion because finally everything disappears anyway. i am trying so hard to believe that the truth is the moment and whilst i/we are living it there is no other truth. and the next moment will be truth too.

as long as i remain present can i avoid suffering?

i digress asking many questions. i digress trying to know too much. i digress from looking for what was or will be outside of this very moment.

(photo taken at riots in Canada)


this is the truth we shared last night. a peaceful riot is what i feel in my body, mind, heart and soul. i digress from questioning it. i will let things be as they are and must. i trust the connection and my path.

these truths reside eternally in my cells. thankful. grateful.


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