Monthly Archives: February 2013



but first i had to be humbled by the devil incarnate. which lends a whole new meaning to the word grateful.


happy birthday to me


i turned 37  a week ago. i thought i had it all figured out in my 20’s, travelling, working, living life fully until one day an older man in a pub told me i was so naive. with every year since i realise how little i know let alone have figured out. but each day a new miracle and experience in my growing encyclopaedia called life offers me little insights and revelations when i choose to see and acknowledge them. putting them into practice is another subject all together. 

today, via a sweet little blessing in the form of a text message from a friend and former crush, it became crystal clear that i have been rushing so hard through my life. i always thought i had the patience of a saint until today when i realised i didn’t even know the meaning of the word. patience is more than not losing your temper with somebody or a situation, it’s even beyond waiting 36+ hours for your clients baby to be born. patience is a rhythm, a belief and a deeply held trust in what is to come. patience is not looking for an answer. nor waiting around for one. it is being aware of it when it appears before your eyes a year later. patience is the virtue of not knowing anything and accepting it. patience is a faith in the cosmic energy that connects us all. patience is letting life flow through you. patience is the highest reward-if you are willing to wait for it 😉