dogma, hurl. woof. woof.


an official system of principles or tenets concerning faith, morals, behavior, etc.

last night at a dinner party i was asked on several occasions “do you know what … have you heard of…..?” and the response that came out of my mouth most of the time was “no” but the one that floated around in my mind was “i don’t know exactly what it is but is it anything like…..or ……where the final goal is always the same-reach enlightenment, align the chakras, release energy blocks, overcome A,B and C?”.

well isn’t that just called therapy? 

yes i know bio-dance, reiki, buddhism (in all it’s million lineages), family constellations, akashic readings, vipassana etc exist but i don’t find it necessary to attach myself to the doctrine of any particular study of self when it all boils down to the same aim. how many corresponding concepts given diverse names by different people who claim (re)invention by adding some tiny uniqueness to an age old philosophy and practice should i familiarise myself with to know that at the end of the day what i am being taught is to let go, break the ego, detach.

ironic? yes i think so. i enjoy the self-discovery, personal development path and am partial to trying all different styles of it but something i find entirely tedious about the whole scene is the name dropping-i don’t really care that some guy in France created bio-dance in fact he has probably just souped up an eastern practice and because it is so accessible and well marketed in the west people are all over it and promoting it by….name dropping. let’s give props to the nameless sages and buddhist monks that sit for days in meditation and then selflessly share their wisdom. 

in the west we are so inundated with workshops to teach us how to let go, spend so much money on trying to understand ourselves and then walk out of it all attached to a name and “new” concept. instead of sharing experiences we exchange mechanics, reasons and quotes. 


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