monday morning this is how you look to me


i hate that women like you. i hate that beautiful women like you. i hate that (we) foolishly fall for your charms. i hate that you can look 10 years younger than 43. i hate that you lose weight like it’s nothing which probably makes it easier for you to get women. i wish you gained 30 pounds especially in those nasty tits of yours and that your face would wrinkle. i hate that despite having the ugliest smile i’ve ever seen and rarely using it you are still getting gorgeous women of all ages. and putting notches on your belt (well in your case keeping the condom wrappers and count of these women). i hate that it got to the point where i learned too much about who you really are. i hate that i couldn’t just be a rollo because then ignorance would be bliss and occasionally you would take me out or somewhere new and then we would shag for the weekend. i hate all those messages on facebook that say the universe only gives you what you can handle-i am without lover(s). i hate that so many of the guys i meet seem like such bores and they probably aren’t they are just nervous or shy which is a sincere and natural way to be but you know exactly what to say, when and how and with such confidence because you have studied women and dedicated your life to fooling people and it works while the poor honest guy with sweaty palms is overlooked because women want alpha, testosterone and something unique. i hate that you get away with treating your children with such disrespect using them to attract women who will help you with them-relieve you of the responsibility of them. i hate that you always gave all your attention to your daughter and practically ignored your son. all of the horrible things you do were so obvious after a short time but you still get away with it. and the icing on the cake is that it will never affect you  because you have no heart, no conscience and don’t give a shit about anything. why do you exist?

i also hate that dating sites and online applications have taken over the world of dating and destroyed it (or so it seems).

ahhhhh, nothing like a nice morning rant to relieve some negativity!


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