i forgive you Nacho Rapallo


i forgive you with all my being.my heart forgives you for being so evil and hurting her. i forgive you right down to my core and soul. no one deserves to be manipulated, lied to and treated the way you did to me but i forgive your actions, your words, your lies, your games and manipulations. during all of it i did actually have some very wonderful moments and experiences and i am also grateful. i forgive that you are toxic and evil and that you have and impose bad intentions purposefully. i forgive that you were cold and calculating but am grateful for the moments that made me feel so high, special and wonderful despite your real selfish intentions. i am grateful that going through hell with you made me come alive again and i forgive you for being that hell. you are the devil, my best adversary.

i forgive. i forgive. i forgive and i wish you well always in your life and endeavours.


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