the man i want to be in a relationship with is:

  • responsible
  • humble
  • caring/tender
  • honest and sincere
  • masculine
  • fun and adventurous
  • has got courage
  • is generally happy
  • likes to smile
  • conscientious
  • a healthy person
  • a non smoker/not a drug addict
  • someone who wants a committed relationship
  • someone who wants to have children
  • creative and passionate
  • is a (good) lover
  • working and earning good money
  • curious about life
  • a good communicator
  • hairier than me! (but not a beast!)
  • taller than me
  • someone who nurtures me
  • in the same country as me
  • at least part latino (Spanish counts)
  • fairly balanced
  • is not a shallow person (sees beyond varicose veins and wrinkles!)
  • good in bed
  • open and willing to evolve into a tantric lover with me
  • not possessive but appreciates and adores me
  • is respectful
  • a good listener
  • connected to his essence
  • someone who will respect and honour my energies
  • someone who will give their energy for my good in return
  • someone who occasionally enjoys philosophical conversations
  • someone who will respect and honour me
  • someone who is not defensive
  • someone who would be willing to relocate countries with me
  • someone who will respect and honour my friends and family
  • someone who is not controlled by anyone (your family, ex  etc)
  • an individual
  • someone who challenges me to be my version of myself
  • someone who recognises me
  • someone who has a warm country home
  • practical
  • someone who ideally has a vehicle!

manifesto of the man/lover i want.


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