red moon eclipse


my manifestation of projects and ideas. this is what i want to accomplish. this is who i want to become professionally. 

  • i will be a very busy doula, based on good reputation and word of mouth- 2-3 paying clients per month

  • i will do another teacher training for yoga, starting at the end of this month with prenatal. 

  • i will improve my knowledge of yoga, pregnancy and postpartum

  • i will connect to universal and innate wisdom, my true self and share that in my classes-the yoga is not just about energies and asana technique

  • i will maintain all of my yoga classes full always 

  • i want to study and learn sanskrit for yoga and philosophy

  • i will read more about the philosophy of yoga also about anatomy

  • i will take anatomy courses

  • i would like to start a prenatal and postpartum bakery where people can come to stay healthy, get advice, meet other professionals and do yoga also leave their kids 

  • i will do a another personal development and training course: either photography, shiatsu, massage, homeopathy or all of them!

  • i want to start a school based on yogic philosophy and the waldorf education method 


    professionally these are my goals. 

    i would also like to learn to play and instrument, the cello. 

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