the sufi life


energies do not move in linear lines, energies are interchangeable they need to swirl and transform to continue. we are made up of energy. linear lines will eventually cause anarchy in your mind, body and soul. i believe it is part of our nature to move in swirls and circles and hoops. we have life cycles that respect the motion of energy. we must align ourselves and embrace change in our lives and respect the necessity for it. linear is an old school societal pattern. go to school, go to university, graduate, get a job in your profession, have kids, retire, die. we have to change, evolve and change again to be on our true life path. change is like another hoop being given to you by life that you are destined to swirl for a while until you get close enough to the next hoop to catch it…..if you can see these hoops coming and are brave enough to catch them i believe you will be sustained and never loose sight of your mission. 


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