now it is time to soar


to be free you must overcome your suffering. deep within we all have suffering that grows with us from birth. suffering can only be dissolved by letting go. by choosing not to suffer anymore. by becoming conscious and literally releasing the reigns you grasp in your hands. it takes courage to face that fear, honour it and move on. then you can soar. and once you start to soar your wing may get clipped but your courage is stronger than your fear and you just keep high because that is where you belong. that is where the wind sustains you.

when you let go life starts to happen, it flows and as it flows your consciousness expands, lessons happen faster and you automatically discern from those who belong in your life and those who are toxic. you become surrounded by angels in the form of lessons necessary in your evolution on this planet. every single person you meet is fundamental on your journey and as easily as the heat touches your skin when the sun rises you grow and evolve. soaring, the wind just keeps lifting you. now you are aware and free. you accept yourself fully and pay no attention to those that don’t, you know your self worth and now you can accept your family and all their karma that caused your suffering from birth. you feel and give love in moments you never thought you could even breathe through. you become the beauty of nature itself and your presence can start to heal others.

i am burning karma.

nacho was my first lesson in my post stuart evolution. being with him helped me to heal a huge part of myself. he made me aware that naive love is dangerous to myself. i learned to set healthy boundaries for myself. i learned self respect and dignity. i went back twice to learn that lesson fully. i allowed myself to suffer for it to be clear.

caco was my second lesson. he without realising it taught me to accept myself unconditionally as well as accept situations in all their truth and reality. he helped me to let go and “let the things flow” and as a result to honour and respect mine and the natural rhythm of each relationship. caco is still in my life but physically distant. he reminds me that energy can be present even from across the world and although the connection is far it has a rhythm that maintains it. by respecting with patience a seed grows at it’s natural  pace gaining quality and strength along the way.

elisabetta is my third lesson. she is currently present in my life and this is the lesson i have learned fastest so far. she appeared just before coming back to canada after 6 years away and before leaving barcelona she awakened me to a powerful desire within me to simply accept my parents as they are. i understand i need to have boundaries with them as well. loving boundaries that respect my needs but do not hurt them. she made me realise that self love is the surest and most effective way to unconditionally loving and accepting my parents, that only through choosing to accept myself can i accept them. your parents are your true gurus.

gilda has and continues to teach me healthy discipline with myself. she shows me time and again how to kindly but unforgivingly respect my needs and boundaries.

krishinda teaches me to live and work from compassion and my soul. she shows me how to display my feathers proudly, shamelessly and unforgivingly.  she gives me such strength and love through her sincerity.

ana, victoria and jose are my guiding and guardian angels. they are all sources of love and support.

eventually it all sinks in and becomes clear. now that you are soaring it is time to laugh and live joy.



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