this is who i see in the mirror


I am a triangle-Canadian at the top, Polish to the left and English/Irish to the right. Each represents such a large part of me despite never having been to Poland or travelled Ireland. 

First and foremost I am Canadian because I was born and grew up there. What I resonate most as a Canadian is my ability to be empathetic, open, kind, trusting and helpful – all traits ubiquitous and unique to Canadian people. It’s disarming and these are some of my inherited charms. 

My Polish is not an ability to speak the language but to persist, overcome, continue and realise my dreams. It’s my fearless ingenuity and perspective, strengths inherited from my ancestors and fathers side of the family.

I have a deep rooted Irish/(English) warrior/goddess spirit. I believe there is something special on the other side of the rainbow that can be found right where I am. I believe in the fairytales that make our hearts pour with wishful desire and the mystery of love. It is my sincere contradiction; part fantasy part fact and all courage grown from my mothers Irish blood.

and that is who I am. 




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