how do i want to feel in a relationship

…and how can i treat myself this way…..
  • respected…stop taking shit from others and just being their shoulder to cry on or ego boost, respect my own boundaries, take no bullshit policy
  • desired…pay attention to people who need you and why
  • admired…what do i find admirable? commitment and passion for something, outgoing people who aren’t shy
  • sensual…dress feminine and own my appeal, confidence, read erotica
  • sexy…as above plus flirtatious, read erotica
  • happy…staying positive, practicing yoga and doing things i love all just for me, take no bullshit policy
  • understood…be clear and firm
  • heard…clear and firm
  • loved…give it always
  • safe…listen to your intuition, avoid dubious situations and people
  • stimulated…hobbies, read, adventure, curiosity
  • excited…as above
  • embraced/pampered…love yourself, pamper yourself, gym, hair, beauty, health
  •  uplifted…dance, laugh
  • strong/confident…believe in yourself, be sincere and humble
  • supported…know who your support network is
  • cherished…be healthy
  • inspired…do the things that fulfil you, that you are passionate about

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