Full moon Eclipse in Aires


Full moon eclipse in Aires – October 08,2014

  1. Where have you become lazy?

    over the past 6 months i’ve become lazy with staying focused and achieving my goals.

  2. Resentful?

    i’ve become very resentful of gorgeous women and superficial men/human beings in general. i’ve become resentful of friends who don’t put in any effort and of my parents for carrying so many unresolved personal issues and projecting them on me

    3. Where have you given up hope?

    some days in ever finding true love and having a baby, others in really making something of my life and not struggling for the rest of it and other days in keeping it together just to get through the day. Oh and finally in ever seeing Caco again whom i thought was the one.

    4. Where have you given your power away and have you forsaken your dreams?

    I’ve given my power away once again to hope and the potential of a relationship. I’ve given my power away to stalking this person virtually just to try and be closer and know more, and also to so freely allowing this to distract me from my goals and mission and myself. I’ve allowed it to derail me in return for nothing.

    5. What actions need to be taken to change the things that must be changed?

    I need to stay more focused, organise my time better and respect my boundaries and goals. I need to make a plan and stick to it. I need to be more disciplined about where i put my energy and why. and i must stop focusing on finding love but instead get passionate about my objectives and allow life to flow through me.


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