i think this could be what the power of love looks like…


what if we could just stay fully connected via an interchange of energy. it would take total faith and trust in the power of the other persons feelings and energy. there would be no trying to stay connected with them by knowing what they are doing all the time, by checking in with messages too often or by watching their FB page. there would be no running list of questions and answers about their whereabouts or expectations of a phone call. simply a feeling, followed by a thought about that person would be enough to put you in contact with them-a calling via their energy when they have you on their mind. thinking about you would produce sufficient positive energy and contentment in them that you would receive a slight jolt yourself and that person would suddenly appear in your thoughts. no bad vibes or paranoia because you would rely and trust in things being as they are meant to be meaning when this person should be in your life, in any form be it a phone call or in person, you would know and it would flow. and respecting the natural rhythm between the two of you would be your only focus. in this way two people live their life’s journey and unite at precise moments although always coexisting and connected despite any large distance.
and what if once you have had an impact energetically on each other, and your souls had recognised the seed planted between them then you would be connected for a lifetime and no matter what you would always come back to each other because that seed would always sprout flowers when the time is right and all it would take is being fully present in your life and trusting your truth and the universe and that would be true love because as long as you had the courage to trust so deeply the other person would never feel astray and you would be bound by energetic ties born in your heart and soul as one WE.

but what if your struggle was fear? what if you kept pushing each other away to escape the fear of leaping into the great abyss of trust and love? and if you jumped together? or if one of you jumped first would it give the other courage enough to follow? as long as you were both on board could either ever fall or be lost?
what would happen if doubt interfered, would the seed be planted deep enough and the connection be strong enough that the other would await regardless? is love stronger than fear?
and what if instead of fearing the possibility of something without a distinct and predictable outcome you could stop searching for the answer and the story and you could just let possibility be the present sum of what exists between the two of you? would it become something more palpable, would it exist, does it have to when it already does metaphysically which is more potent and profound than future plans or fantasies of what could be.
and once you were intertwined could mistakes be forgiven and forgotten? could love be felt in unintentionally harsh words and actions?
is love so understanding that it just forgives because in the light of it the ego diminishes?

i hope so because i feel you in my cells. and i forgot that our world continued to exist even when there was no sensory contact.
i wish you everyday to find true love and happiness, can you hear my whisper?

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