Solar eclipse in Scorpion – October 23, 2014


my desires, goals and passions….


  • i will stay focused on building my career into and empire that includes: a (famous) book on the Yoga Doula birth method, a birth clinic in Ibiza, a birth preparation workshop
  • i will make more money – a minimum of 2000 euros per month every month 12 months of the year, by giving more yoga classes (min 30 euros per hour), weekend birth preparation workshops, doulaing (minimum one client per month), occasional nude modelling
  • i aim with clarity and direction to be comfortably rich. i have no fear of money or being a person who is rich. i will attract money to me and improve my life and lifestyle with it.
  • my hobby passions are to take up photography again and become proficient enough to use it as a benefit to my profession, learn to play the cello and ukele then sing in a band for fun, learn to draw or paint for pleasure


    – work everyday on my feminine energy-softening, sweetening, being in my goddess power

    – everyday i aim to do things that please and fulfil me, not look for satisfaction outside of who i am

    – i will attract strong masculine energy to me and have my choice of men suitors to spend the rest of my life with – the right man will find me, adore me, care for me, give me what i want and deserve, protect me and stay with me

    – i am worthy of a high value man who owns his masculinity and recognises his feminine side, who works hard, earns good money, looks good, has his own life and hobbies and knows how to treat me.

    – i want to be in a healthy long term relationship with a man. one in which he enhances my femininity with his masculine energy and i enhance his masculinity with my feminine energy. ying and yang

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