December 2014


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

There are times when we need to act. There are times when a decision needs to be made. There are times to be unapologetic, unafraid and unwilling to water down the truth. There are times to use our personal experience to connect to the collective one. There are times when it’s important to see why we choose to do what we do. There are times to see ourselves in the causes we stand for.

Because we too are standing there in the crowd.

Understanding your own motivations can only make your movements more powerful. Being clear about your direction will ensure that the next month and a half be successfully spent. Making sure that you take care of your own business, protect your own interests and serve your own causes in the midst of being very involved with everyone else’s means that everyone will actually get what they need. This is a long haul operation you are in charge of. Prepare for a marathon.

This week highlights your capacity to turn raw energy into something of beauty. This might be love. This might be art. This might be any act of homage to what you find beautiful. It’s important to spend time here. It’s most important when it’s the hardest. This isn’t to block out any difficulty but it’s to sustain the powers you inherently have to get through it. Find as many ways as you can to fortify your strengths. Find as many ways as you can to celebrate the love that exists in your life. Find as many ways as you can to bow down and kiss the ground that feeds you, houses you and protects you.


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