he is the one.


my intention for the new moon in capricorn is to connect with him. the statuesque bearded unassuming photographer on the set of A Monster Calls. he is the man i want to be embraced by for the rest of my life. he is the man i have been craving, dreaming of and trying to manifest for the past 3 years. i intend to have him and his babies.
there was a masculine sweetness about him. a shy but secure energy-a sort of friendly giant. he is big and looks so strong, could probably lift me over his head!
my eyes kept tracing his enormous frame, i couldn´t help but watch him move silently, with respect and care while he weaved around the set taking photographs-an enormous unassuming figure in his silent air. LOVE.
what is his name?
how do i find him?
how do i get to him?
what do i do?


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