2015 is the year


the year is coming to a close, it´s almost time to say goodbye and be grateful for 2014.
january was hell for me, total depression had my tooth pulled on my birthday and felt completely alone. february adrian came 🙂 march i went to sevilla on my own and it was awesome. april i met caco and for the first time in my life started to really feel feminine and like a woman. may-july great times on the beach, tumultuous emotional lessons with caco long distance, met Elisabetta. August went to canada and cut the proverbial umbilical cord with my parents. sept -january financial hell, lost loads of classes and money and had to borrow from friends. october met franko. november met jorge. december found my the ONE on the set of A Monster Calls……December 25 Elisabetta asks me to be a part of her new business project in Barcelona, she basically offered me a job with a future. december 26 Krishinda tells me she is moving back to bristol by september…

i feel like suddenly my life is falling into place and a rapid rate. people are coming into my life so fast and teaching me these huge but express lessons. others are coming in and remaining, carrying me, as my own manifestations. one of these people is Elisabetta and i am starting to see that 3 years ago when i had no idea why i felt i needed to stay in barcelona she was the reason.
in july before i went to canada i introduced elisabetta to kathy in the same cafe i sat in with kathy 3 years earlier telling her that i was feeling an incredibly strong and unexplainable pull to stay in barcelona despite being alone here and having just broken up with my partner of 12 years. then for the past 5 months my horoscope has been talking about meeting the person is will turn my life around professionally, about traveling a lot and about financial stability.
just last month i started to think going back to some sort of consistent job, like PA work would be a good idea for me not only financially but personally as i felt like i needed something more focused, discipline, and fixed for my personality that also would allow me to continue teaching yoga. i began to apply for jobs and also started to consider an online degree to keep my mind busy. i believe that until now i have work very diligently on developing my spiritual side but needed to shift the focus to my intellectual side for a time now. i have been meditating a lot on open up my 5th chakra and bringing balance between my head and my heart. in every intentions list i have done for the past few months i have expressed a desire to speak my truth and express myself authentically. every time i would read in my horoscope that i will travel a lot all i could think was – i don´t see how that is going to happen! now i think i get it!
elisabetta has basically offered me all of the above. her whole project and work revolves around public speaking and authentic communication. she is offering me a stable position for the next 3 years in which i can grow, learn, expand, be successful, travel, focus and integrate my yoga and spiritual knowledge. i feel deeply that she has come as my calling. the calling that was a strong pull for me to stay in barcelona 3 years ago-she is the manifestation of it. i can feel she is going to challenge me to grow as a person in the way i most need and have desired-she already is, as well as helping me bring out my most authentic self. she is teaching me so much already.
she demands honesty and authenticity of people because this is how she is with herself and i believe working with her i would always know where i stand but also be able to be brutally honest because she can look at things subjectively and appreciate them. this kind of honesty is so rare here and in general. i am going to meditate and ruminate on this offer and consider it thoroughly just so i don´t jump into anything regretfully although i know it is a massive calling, this is what is going to change my life forever….this is what the past 4 years of personal work and growth, intentions and dreams has been leading up to and it´s just the beginning……yay!


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