aquarius 2015


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
Indie-spirited Aquarius, maybe you never thought of yourself as “a relationship person” before, but 2015 could totally change your mind. With lucky Jupiter touring your partnership houses all year, your heart is opening wide. Jupiter brings the truth serum. Speak up about your vision of love. You don’t have to surrender to a boring, vanilla love story; rewriting the rules is totally your thing. Some Aquarians could leave a confining partnership early this year and remain happily single until the late summer.
After August 11, Jupiter moves into your playing-for-keeps eighth house for a year, amplifying your desire for a mind-body-soul connection. If you’ve found The One, you won’t want to lose him or her. Put a ring on it (even if it’s just a “promise ring”).
Still searching? End-of-year travel could unearth a soulmate, possibly even someone from a different culture. As for your career? Saturn reminds you that teamwork makes the dream work, but only if you are collaborating with qualified candidates. Fire the slackers and start recruiting anew, especially while Mercury is retrograde in your sign from January 21 to February 11.
From mid-August on, money could come in new ways: the sale of property, royalties from your creative work, an inheritance, or a commission-based gig. Now, for the best news: Aquarius gets a triple New Year in 2015. Sure, there’s January 1, but January 20 and February 18 both bring new moons in your sign — a double bonus of luck and momentum. Make those wishes and plant those seeds. New moons in your sign are all about starting fresh.


Una vez cada doce años te visita Júpiter en la zona del amor. Este tránsito se pone más fuerte de abril a agosto y si estás vibrando amor propio, el amor verdadero no tardará en llegar. Con Júpiter en Leo hasta agosto, tienes los mejores momentos para casarte con alguien bondadoso y con muchas ganas de expansión. Si ya estás casada, 2015 es para formar una familia o empezar de nuevo con la tuya en otra ciudad. La Luna nueva del 14 de agosto es un momento importante para volver con alguien del pasado si así lo decides.


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