Full moon in Leo-week of February 03,2015


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising Full Moon Affirmation

I am lucky in love and I praise that luck by celebrating with all the hearts that hold me best. I am lucky in love and because this is true I give freely of my own supply. I am lucky in love and I create more of it by showing those around me how I wish to be treated. I am lucky in love because I give myself what I need where and when I need it.  

I am lucky to be so connected to myself. I am lucky to have been given this opportunity to know who I am, what I am capable of and I am so lucky to get to experience my divinity through loving others. I am reminded of my connection to all of life and although I do not suffer fools I remember that they are suffering themselves. 

I commit to the partners that come bearing gifts of common good. I spend time luxuriating in the healing practice of play with them. Passion is paramount during my playtime. Pleasure is too. I worship at the feet of fun and feel only justified in this journey of following my bliss. 

At the same time I acknowledge the deep journey of self discovery that I have been on. I take all the gems I have been given with me on my next go round the sun knowing full well that there are still a bevy of boons coming to me through all those that I am in partnership with. And to that I say yes please and thank you kindly.  

– See more at: http://www.chaninicholas.com/full-moon-horoscopes-week-february-2nd/#sthash.pfIEEzIe.dpuf


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