things i want to tell you….


Pancho when you left you broke my heart. i cried long and hard after we said goodbye and i dreamed about you for weeks after. you were the one that got away. i fell in love with your spontaneity, curiosity and kindness. i was in love with you but when you left i never thought i´d see you again. now that i have i wonder why the universe made that happen. finally i think i may understand. i think it was so that i could see you one more (+) time(s) before i leave europe. maybe you needed to see me….? i don´t want you to take this as a scary responsibility but i love you. i still do. for me love is energy that appears in many forms between souls. souls that are always connected despite distance, that is the strength of love and the heart. wherever i go in this world i will always take you with me. my heart sees the love in you and my soul sees your beauty.

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