my dreams


i have a dream for my life and i will accomplish it.

it goes like this, in no particular order. i want to study (massage therapy and waldorf/steiner method). integrating all my knowledge and experience i want stable work that pays well (yoga/doula/massage therapist/teacher). i want to get married to the right man and have his child(ren). i want to be a part of my family again and be able to see them a minimum of once a year (more ideally). i want to live outside of a city far enough that i am surrounded by nature and feel isolated from it but close enough that i still have a connection and can pop into the city when i need a fix or to work. i want to travel often.

that is my dream.

right now i am not living ANY of it. in fact for the past five years i have  not been living any of it but i have been growing and discovering what i want, my desires, likes and dislikes and working towards my dreams. i must stay on track.


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