April 13, 2015

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising: We start this week with an Aquarius Moon that makes alignments with Mars (action) and Jupiter (restrictions). Do you still feel the argumentative streak, with Uranus in your house of communication? Maybe Mercury moving into Taurus on Tuesday will help.

The great benevolent planet Jupiter turned direct last week in your house of marriage and committed partnerships. Since early December, the good luck planet has been retrograde and you have been dealing with struggles in your most intimate relationship, or had issues with someone from your past, or if you’re single there hasn’t been a lot of excitement on the love front. That will all turn around now, Aquarius. Until August, Jupiter will be in Leo and you’ll be able to get insight and strengthen your closest relationships.

Pluto, the transformer, turns retrograde in Capricorn this week in your most mystical house of sorrows, karma, and psychic powers. Pluto is here until September, and for these next months you’ll undergo a tremendous transformation, dealing with intense fears and anxieties, very old baggage, and revisiting disappointments and self-defeat. I recommend regular check-ins with your astrologer, therapist, and herbalist, as well as recommitting to your sadhana or spiritual practice. Surrender into your mystical practices and be extremely spacious with yourself and your process. You’re growing and being initiated in a cosmic way right now.

*Your flower essence recommendation this week: Rescue Remedy (Bach), to assist your process and ease anxiety.

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