Monthly Archives: May 2015

new beginnings


so freakin poignant. found this just minutes after purchasing my flight back to Canada. i am moving again. new beginnings.


my philosophy on love


i have this old tattered calvin klein jean jacket that i bought second hand almost 20 years ago. it must be a vintage circa the early 80’s and with every tear, year, fade, day i love it more. the more i have it the more i appreciate its resilience, colour, shape, size, smell, adaptability and timelessness. each age mark is like history we have together and despite the years the jacket always looks fresh. it is the one item of clothing i have had and worn for the longest period of time. i can’t imagine my life without it. i don’t even remember how we found each other all i know is that i don’t want to live without it because there is no jacket that could EVER replace it. it’s become like a second skin, something that fits me like a glove and to lose it now after all the wear to get it that good would be a crying shame. we’ve grown older and softer together. ❤