Day of the Dead


i think what i’m feeling around me since i got back to Toronto is superficiality. people are stupid and shallow. wrapped up in their tiny lives that revolve around the telephone, apps, work, television etc. it’s difficult to have a conversation with a person like that. from the largest to the most minute issue they break down, it becomes a drama, they can’t give energy to anything else but that issue and the feelings that are aroused by it.

today i went to Day of The Dead celebrations at the Brickworks. as i walked around the pavilion observing and absorbing the general atmosphere i was reminded of Ecuador and Spain-latin culture.

i was able to define differences in north american culture compared to latin. we are so wrapped up in success and engaged predominantly with ourselves that we miss the important little things, we forget to appreciate and let opportunities for happiness that are staring us right in the face escape. we don’t dance or sing enough. we don’t feel and express joy enough and we certainly don’t express enough. i guess it feels like in north america the default is to hide. well that is true for many people anywhere of course. however watching the Mexican folkloric dance i was reminded that it’s tradition in Latin culture and those that are more connected to Pacha Mama to dance and sing when they are sad, happy, joyful, regretful, depressed or any other strong emotion. this is a beautiful and very successful default cure all. success to the west is measured by material possessions and status in society. it is true to many latin cultures as well but traditionally success is measured by good times surrounded by loved ones-family and friends sharing emotions (sorrows, happiness, milestones). all emotions are celebrated equally. wow! don’t give importance to one over the other because they are all equal.

i guess my revelation was in part that all emotions are the same, you can’t have one without the other so why not be grateful for each and everyone of them equally therefor sadness doesn’t have the option to outweigh happiness both are part of a balanced life. and when we feel, but really truly feel on this level then everyday life can be more profound, exalted and expansive.

the loneliness and the sadness won’t stick around long when we know how to find happiness waiting around the corner.


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