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aquarius last week of Dec2015


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

One of the best skills you can work on is navigating through the tricky terrain of being fed up and full of feels that fuel epic imaginary battles and beheadings.

For real tho.

But the deal you should keep your eye on is this: you have epic amounts of power to work with as it pertains to your career and by career we are talking about life long goals for greatness. The fuel that you should utilize is the kind that will help you rev the engines of your ingenuity. You wield wild amounts of world power. You might have an inkling of this, but certain transits will come along to highlight it and help you to execute your exquisite ability in this domain.

One of those times is now.

However, much of this year will test your ability to stay the course. Therefore it’s important that you use the first 6 weeks of 2016 to make your point, stake your claim and rally for your cause, because after that it’s anyone’s guess what will occur. Best to be as clear as possible about your potency and your passion for the projects that are sincerely closest to your heart.

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