February 01, 2016


This occurred this afternoon, later (coincidentally) after writing the following text I came across the article on the link:

I am working on being true to my commitments-I intend to stick to what I say I will due. Part of this new year deal with myself is to remain committed to all plans/dates/activities I put into my calendar on my phone-once it is in I am not allowed to bail without good reason.

So this morning I accepted Kathy’s dinner invite and offered to bring the wine. I was looking forward to it all day. I have only known Kathy since last week but she has kindly opened her home to me to stay for a week in exchange for something. However later in the day April, at the last minute, sent out a reminder about the Doula Session at 19h and who could join? She then texted to ask me, apparently nobody was responding or could make it.

If felt a sense of duty to both people. In the case of April (whom I work for) I felt a sense of professional duty and also a necessity to support a Doula sister however I did not want to begin my relationship with Kathy cancelling our dinner. In the end I chose to stick to my original commitment rationalising that I cannot change my life/plans at the drop of a hat every time someone needs me at the last minute-this is not a pattern I want to get into nor is it fair. I think if I am going to stick to my commitments there cannot be too much room for change because I prefer one option over the other hence to avoid this I have made a strong intention to remain committed once I have accepted or agreed to an offer.

However I was left with a quandary: did I make the right decision yesterday?

Technically I know Kathy would have understood and I could have supported a Doula sister who didn’t have anyone else’s help-she was really stranded and I was given an opportunity to prove myself and shine where I have been asking to. It was really a one time opportunity to go the distance for someone in need. I think I made a mistake! That said because I was at work until 18h yesterday I would not have arrived until after 19h30-a bit late.






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