Monthly Archives: April 2016

the man


chris martin is an image of my ideal man in this video. love his easy confident yet an ickle shy demeanor and sexy smile. so damn considerate, kind and aware. so hot. so sexy.


integrating two of me into one


moving to another country is easier because you take who you are with you. but leaving that country you want to take that essence of who you have become and what you have learned and integrate it wherever you arrived to.

Kathy suggested i do an integrating ritual, take the Barcelona parts of me out of the closet and bring them into my daily life here like city cycling, going for coffee and cake, sexy fun me. the part of me that i left back in barcelona that wants to meet men on random nights out and take them home with me is conflicted with the 40 year old me that recently moved back to canada about doing that. i think i need a sexy night out and possible and one night stand just for fun!

now i just need to find out where i can go to rip all my clothes off and swim in salt water……?

new moon in aries


crazy ass energy-i am on fire. i’ve been going since 05h30 this morning and could keep on chugging even after chasing my workout with a zumba class! this moon stuff is powerful, just last week i could hardly drag my slow ass out of bed! am going to love it while it lasts….

my intentions for this new moon go something like this:

  • get out an do a fun group activity at least three times a week
  • make an effort to socialise with new people often
  • spend at least 2-4 hours per day each week on learning about and improving my profession (doula and yoga)
  • accept people and situations (in my life) as they are and work with that
  • find another source of income an get hired!
  • get laid, get yourself a fine man